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Exogear is a national medical device company headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL with a main facility in Buffalo, NY.

Exogear was founded in 2013 by Walter Wolanske. Walter is an inventor and entrepreneur who holds several patents for technology used in a variety of devices. He has been in the medical device industry for over 15 years. Since inventing his first device over 12 years ago, Walter’s companies have produced over 7,000 spinal support devices for customers across the US.

We are focused on helping people suffering from acute or chronic pain live more active lives through an effective combination of healing and motion. We believe that those who experience back pain shouldn’t settle for anything less than the ability to enjoy life without the limitations of a traditional back brace, or possible side effects of surgical procedures or anesthetics. In short- we help you feel your best, so you can undoubtedly be your best.

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