Frequently Asked Questions

While we’re confident the Recoil will prove to be a great solution to your specific needs, we’ve compiled a list of answers we hope will soothe any questions or skepticism (and hopefully, your back)

What is Exogear’s mission?

Exogear’s mission is to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible suffering from acute or chronic pain. We do this by providing innovative exoskeletal solutions, which promote healing and motion, so our customers can stay active and have more fulfilling lives.

Where is Exogear located?

Exogear is a national medical device company headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL with a main facility in Buffalo, NY.

How long has Exogear been in business?

Exogear was founded in 2013 by Walter Wolanske. Walter is an inventor and entrepreneur who holds several patents for technology used in a variety of devices. He has been in the medical device industry for over 15 years. Since inventing his first device over 12 years ago, Walter’s companies have produced over 7,000 spinal support devices for customers across the US.

How do I get a Recoil spinal support system?

You can only get Exogear products by calling us directly at 1-833-396-4327 or filling out our Contact Form. One of our representatives will contact you within 24 business hours.

How much does the Recoil spinal support system cost?

Currently, Recoil is covered by Medicare which means there will be little or no cost to you. In some states, we also accept Medicaid and private insurance. Call now to find out if you are covered.

What are Exogear’s business hours?

Our customer support specialists are available Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. If you call after hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you within one business day. If prefered, you can also fill out our Contact Form and we will call you during normal business hours.

What is the difference between Recoil and similar devices?

From a technology perspective, the Recoil spinal support system is unique and truly in a league of its own. It utilizes a multitude of patented and patent pending technology to allow your body to bend and rotate normally while providing support throughout your daily activities. All of our products are FDA registered, patented or patent pending.

Are there any areas in the U.S. that Exogear does not sell to or service?

Exogear services most of the continental United States. There may be isolated areas throughout the U.S. that are out of our service area. Contact Us or call us at 1-833-396-4327 to verify if service is available in your area.

Where are Exogear devices made?

Every Exogear device is handmade. All R&D and final assembly, as well as any required customization, is done at one of our US facilities. We design, develop and control the entire manufacturing process.

Can I get a Recoil at my local Medical supply store?

To ensure the highest quality, Exogear only works directly with you, your doctor and insurance company. We do not work with medical supply stores, dealers, distributors or middlemen. This provides you with the absolute best quality products without cutting cost.

Does Exogear sell outside of the U.S.?

Unfortunately at this time, Exogear does not sell or service devices outside of the continental United States.

How long will it take to receive my Recoil?

We will ship your Recoil spinal support system directly to you as soon as we receive a prescription from your doctor and verify your insurance. This process may take as little as 24 hours depending on interactions with your doctor and insurance company. We know you're in pain and are going to make every effort to expedite the process.

How Do I Unsubscribe from Emails?

At the bottom of all marketing emails there is a link to unsubscribe from our mailing list. If you are having trouble with unsubscribing, please contact us at [email protected] and include the email address(es) you wish to be removed from our database.

How do I know if I qualify for Insurance coverage?

Our Recoil device is covered by Medicare and Workers Compensation insurance. Contact Us or call 1-833-EXO-GEAR to verify your coverage. We are happy to check if you are qualified. If you qualify, we'll take care of all the paperwork for you.

Do I have to see a doctor for Insurance to cover my Recoil device?

Some insurance companies require you to have a face-to-face office visit with your doctor before they will cover any portion of your Recoil device. We will let you know if this is necessary after we contact your doctor.

Will I need to pay anything for my Recoil device?

If you are covered by Medicare or Workers Compensation insurance, you may qualify to receive our Recoil device at little to no cost. Fast free shipping is also included.

Who handles the insurance paperwork?

Exogear will handle all of the required insurance paperwork once we receive your doctor’s prescription. We will also submit and track your insurance paperwork on your behalf. Once all of the paperwork is completed and your Recoil is authorized by your insurance company, we will ship the Recoil directly to you with all the instructions necessary to start using the Recoil the same day.

What should I do if my Recoil device is not working properly?

First, review the instructions provided with your Recoil device. Here you will find illustrations and helpful tips to ensure your Recoil is working properly. If it’s still not working as expected or you do not understand the instructions, please call our Customer Support team at 1-833-EXO-GEAR. One of our representatives will be happy to help you.

How do I adjust my Recoil device?

Your Recoil device includes detailed fitting instructions with illustrations and tips on how to adjust for a perfect fit.  If you are having trouble adjusting your Recoil, please call our Customer Support team at 1-833-EXO-GEAR. One of our representatives will be happy to help you.

Are Exogear’s products covered by a warranty?

Yes, all of our products have a 1 year repair or replace warranty. Because our products are textile based they can not be returned for a refund.

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