How I Defeated My Back Pain

By Daniel Gleason
January 10th, 2018

My journey to back pain relief began when my pool trowel fell while sealing and sawing concrete for a client’s swimming pool. I’ve had surges of back pain before while doing a gig, but never anything that required more than a couple ibuprofen.

When I bent over to pick up my pool trowel, the pain was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Turns out I slipped a disc in my back. And I made sure everyone around me knew it!

About a month after my work-related injury, I still suffered from severe back pain. My healthcare provider suggested a few pain relief options I should consider until my scheduled surgery, which was in 6 months.

While I appreciated their valiant efforts, nothing they advised provided relief. The back brace I got from my doctor was completely restricting, uncomfortable, and impractical, especially when it came to bending down, or moving around for long periods of time. My doctor prescribed me lidocaine patches and painkillers. The patches didn’t work and the pills made me feel lethargic and unmotivated to do anything except stay under the covers until my surgery.

It was only 4 months before my surgery, and I felt I would never get relief from my back pain. The days seemed longer, the pain—even longer.

"I truly felt helpless and defeated. I knew I needed a spinal support solution—fast."

A few nights of Google searching, I came across an ad from this company called Exogear, claiming they offered affordable spinal solutions to those who are currently undergoing a workers comp claim. I combed through their website and saw their premier product, Recoil.

When reading about the benefits of using Recoil, I realized Exogear’s level of knowledge about back pain was quite extensive. Their expertise was clear to see by the way they were able to properly explain how the Recoil handles both “active” and “reactive” movements. Before then, it hadn’t occurred to me that part of my back pain could stem from the environment around me. It also helped my decision to get Recoil when I listened to the kind, encouraging words of Exogear’s founder. All in all, I felt that Exogear really understood what it was like to experience back pain.

I filled out their brief contact form and received a call from a friendly, knowledgeable representative, within a day of my inquiry. By the end of the phone conversation, I had a good feeling I made the right decision in getting the Recoil.

Within a few short weeks, Recoil made its way into my home and I experienced a significant reduction in my back pain! Thanks to my insurance and my workers comp claim, I was able to get Recoil for free! Recoil is a brilliant combination of flexibility, and comfortability.  I could finally bend down to get the jar of jelly from the bottom of the fridge. I could finally jog on the treadmill and not be afraid to turn the speed up a notch. I could finally even sit on the bus and not worry about the potholes the driver seems not to see. Best of all, I finally regained mobility and function with newfound confidence and ease.

With the date of my surgery vastly approaching, I contemplated whether I even needed to undergo the procedure. I often think back to the time when my healthcare provider told me that surgery will do well to alleviate at least 4 points of pain on a 10-point scale. I can honestly tell you that Recoil achieves this easily. In fact, Recoil has brought my level of pain even lower after my surgery.

And that, my friends, is how I won the long hard battle with my back pain.

If you’re going through a similar battle in trying to find back pain relief, I highly recommend Recoil.

You won’t regret it.

Get Relief. Get Recoil!